Flight Of The Raven

I snappedĀ this photo at a family trip in Switzerland back in 2012. We took the local train to Jungfrau, the highest peak in Europe, which lies among the sloping crevices of the Bernes Alps. As we gathered around tourists and trekkers taking photos of the magnificent view in front of us, I happened to notice a trail of black ravens soaring in the sky as they beat their strong wings against the cold air. One of them slowly sped down and balanced itself on a cable wire. So here is the shot of the bird in action.


Isn’t it beautiful?

Inside The Dark Cave

These, in fact, are photos of the interior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They are one of the few two year old pics I found lying around my Desktop.

A small sphere of light visible from above.

A small sphere of light visible from above.

Another photo

Another one yet..