Dying with the sunset

The sun rose and I stayed there, under its radiant beam of light

Trailing along the pattern of the sky at the brink of morning.

I walk the road of the lonely wanderers and thinkers

Searching for meaning, searching for purpose.

The road to happiness can sometimes lead to sorrowful ends

And the desire for power to the loss of virtue and humility.

My quest for meaning has turned to its own failure.

I try to fix the purpose of my existence

Like a jigsaw puzzle scattered in a vial of black void.

But as the sunset comes, I discover the beauty of life.

The beauty of the day thinning into violet hues,

The glorious Sun sinking under the sheets of the crimson sky

The clouds dispersing into thin fumes of a dragon’s smoke


At this moment, I felt my heart captured by the beauty of it

And that was when I wanted to die,

Peacefully under the dimming rays of the golden sunset.

Leave your worries behind and let the wind take you above…

Let go of the dark thoughts that haunt your memories, the worries that cloud your mind, and the grief that weighs on your heart.

Let go of the world that sinks your heart with fear, the obstacles that burden your anxiety, and the night that blinds your eyes.

Let go of the bridge that fell on your path, the leaves that withered from your tree, and the bud that failed to spring, despite your utmost care.

Let go of the river that trails from your eyes, the pangs of your anguished soul, and the sorrow and frustration of having to fail once again.

Open your heart, your soul and your mind, to the beauty of the rising dawn. Be released from your cage and spread your wings, while gazing towards the expense of the sky. Be free to be lifted high up towards the heavens among the wandering clouds- like a soaring eagle, flying in the morning and in hope of a new discovery, a new beginning.