Ballad for Broken Love

Entwine – Closer (my love)


I listen to this song when my mind has completely become stripped off from reality. I live in an entwined world of twisted roads, forgotten pathways and unsung melodies. This ballad helps me lift my spirits and makes me more aware of love and romance in my own life and in other people’s life as well.



Pressue of Boredom and Fatigue

Just how nice to start the New Year by going back to school, arranging all my notes and textbooks in a neat pile, forgetting my security lock combination after reaching the place and journeying to a chilly winter morning inside the classroom with obscure Calculus symbols¬† waiting for us on the board. That is the last thing I wanted to see. I cannot wait until the end of May when I’ll be rid of Mathematics hording my already stressed-out life. Oh well, this is only the beginning and complaining is not going to work. After two whole weeks of a grandiose vacation filled with candy sprinklers, bright Christmas lights, sparkling buildings at night and promenading in a world blasting with firecrackers at the start of 2012, it is extremely hard to get myself on track. It even took me ages to finish up my assignments and essays during the break. Now I’m already piled up with loads of stuff to finish up just for today. I’ve become exhausted after being trapped for six hours inside that hell of a prison. My brain is literally at the point where my intake of information has completely halted to a stop.


Rome at Night

Images of a grandiose hotel along the streets of Piazza Venezia, with a streaming fountain in front. Wish I had the money to get in there.