Leftovers of last night’s party scattered on the floor

Grandma’s old dress hanging by a hook inside the closet

Photographs of old friends stowed inside a chest, rotting

Away like the memories fading off from my mind.

People with funny hats, children with flashy grins

Twinkling bright eyes, forever smiling into the camera,

Their movements always still. A birthday party at a friend’s house,

Spring carnivals filled with colors and game shows and dances and

Trips to museums; everyday activities inside a bright small classroom.

A teacher standing by the board, silent students listening,

Their eyes all following the movement of his hands.

At the cafeteria, at the hallway, at the library, at the playground –

Dozens and dozens neatly placed inside an album.

Dozens and dozens – only scenes remembered vaguely.

Faces I used to know, laughed with and cried with; faces I used to

Dream of and liked for years; faces that still remain clinging

From the edge of my memory, slowly letting go as the years

Pass by. Childhood friends, high school crushes, best friends and

Friendly neighbors – Life separates them into different directions,

Without them knowing why. Life leads us on – each one to his own

Destiny, leaving memories to falter and trails on the dusty path.

– I.K.


6 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Yes, life goes on and old memories and friends are left behind. Names are forgotten as you travel down life’s highway. I sometimes search for those lost names and memories in my mind and when I find a memory it makes me smile. You wonderful where they are and what they are doing.

    • Stargaze says:

      I see. For me, my childhood days remain the most vivid part of my memory. I guess that was the time when I felt that everything in the world was perfect and I had nothing in the world to worry about. That was also the time when I had someone to call a best friend. It’s a pity how we lost touch as if our friendship had never existed.

      • Childhood memories are wonderful. You often wonder why you lost touch with so many good friends. People move on with their lives and things change. sad.

  2. Sorry, that last line is suppose to say you wonder where they are.

  3. Photographs are filled with moments for us to hold.

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